Monday, 4 February 2013

Some Sunshiney Holiday Photo's

Just a few photo's from our holiday in South Africa, the first 2 weeks or so that we were away.

Gotta love those legs...all of them!

Beachy fun at Gordon's Bay, near Cape Town

Heaps of people kite surfing at the Strand, near Gordon's Bay.  Check that huge blue sky....sigh....

Too much fresh air and sunshine does this to a person.

Penguins and a dassie at Betty's Bay.

Nemo fish...and a little Ava the V&A Aquarium in Cape Town.

Humungous crabs!

Whizzing down a slide at a lovely little play area outside the aquarium.
Lovely mountainous scenery on the drive inland.

Monotonously straight Karoo roads.

Playing in the Murraysburg lei water.  {Lei water is water that is fed through parts of the town, via furrows that line the streets, from the local dam.  Each property is allowed to open a sluice to allow water in to irrigate their gardens during certain parts of the day.}

Playing in a make shift paddle pool in the shade of a tree.  It was blazing hot.  The water was from my dads borehole and was very chilly.

On leaving Murraysburg there were masses of these beautiful cactus flowers.

....more photo's still to come!

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