Friday, 25 January 2013

Its finally finished....or maybe not

I know that I promised some lovely summery South African holiday photo's....but we took so many while we were away, that we had to download them on to Flower Daddies laptop.  So, I need to get my dirty mitts on to his laptop to repossess my photo's.  All of that will hopefully happen this weekend!

In the meanwhile, I am super pleased that I managed to finish my flowery blanket last night.

* drum roll please *


Dinky, but pretty - no?  It is perfectly lap and leg sized.

Did I say that I was pleased with the result?  It has been almost 2 years in the making.  

It would have been nice to have had more flowery squares.  There are already 52 of them in there.  {Yup, just counted them.  I thought that there were at least 70?!}  They were pretty time consuming and I was getting desperate to see some amazing progression.  And, it would have been nice for the beige joining colour to have been a paler shade of cream - but Sirdar Calico DK doesn't come in a paler shade of cream, so I had to make do.

This is the first blanket that I have ever crocheted.  Should the rippled edges bother me?  I honestly have no idea.  It is what it is and I rather love it!


Actually...I have a confession....

See, this is the back really isn't finished.  Not by a looooong way!

There are so . many . loose . threads to weave in, I kind of lost the will to live.  So, I shelved the weaving and jumped to the edging.  You can actually see in the photo of the whole back that I have made a good dent in the weaving process.  But, there are still so many to do.

Anyhow, that is a job for another gazillion nights.

My ripple blanket is really no different than the last time I mentioned it.  I should really tackle that one head on, as soon it will be summer again (in like another 4 or 5 months....sigh....) and I really won't want to be anywhere near it.  Now is the time!

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