Saturday, 30 June 2012

Fabric Picture Win - from Lucy Levenson

I recently won a fabric picture on Facebook.  The picture was made by the super talented Lucy Levenson.

Lucy painted the red and green flowers.  She also painted the backing fabric with green and blue.  So much preparation going into each picture.  Doesn't the bunny just look so happy bouncing along in the pretty flowers?

I love this picture - so happy and vibrant.  Am now scheming where to put it...we have an empty picture frame in our lounge, next to some lovely Caroline Rose prints...hmmmm...

You can see a gallery of Lucy's work here or you can shop here or at her Etsy shop

Definitely well worth the browse!

Sunday, 24 June 2012

Fabric Preview and Giveaway

Fancy a chance to win this gorgeous piece of screen printed linen?  Printed by!  Hop on over to my Facebook page for the low down.

This photo does the fabric no justice what-so-ever.  It is a very beautiful summery sea-green sort of colour.  The red of the apples is deep and rich.  The piece is about 32x47cm....a great size to make something with!

I have a few more pieces which will wing their way in to my shop and on to Etsy this week...once I have been able to take some better photo's in great lighting.  A few smaller robot prints will join the apples.  Apples and robots!?  Strange combination.  But, that is inspiration for you!!

Any suggestions on a name for this appley-linen fabric?

Friday, 22 June 2012

What is it about Fuschia?

When I was about 15 years old my mother had this cerise pink shirt mini-dress - she used to wear it over jeans.  She loved it.  For some reason I hated it.  I really don't know why.  I remember her wearing it this once when she fetched me from a friend and I told her it was embarrassing when she wore that shirt.  We both remember this incident...  My mom was probably only about 40 years old at the time, so not at all old - and definitely not mutton dressed as lamb, as they say.  And she probably looked just lovely.  To everyone, except me.

Anyhow - it was cerise, rather the fashion of the time.  We were all wearing fluorescent clothes and loving it. 

More recently, very recently actually, I am completely drawn to fuschia.  Maybe it is my need for colour.  Maybe it is partly rebellion against icky black work clothes.  Maybe the whole world is going nuts about fuschia and I missed the memo.  Who knows.  I just love fuschia!  I recently bought a new dress for work - fuschia of course.  While my baby-belly-bulge is not at all flattered by this dress...I kind of look pregnant when I wear it...I adore it.  It is really short, so I wear mine with white cropped leggings.  I feel good in it.  I love the colour, I love that it is comfy, and I love, love, love the pockets!

I went on a little Etsy surf for fuschia goodies to share.  If my bank card were agreeable, I would buy all of these things at a moments notice.

TGIF - have a fantastic weekend and if another memo has been circulated about the next hot colour...please would someone let me know!

Thursday, 21 June 2012

A Snapshot of my Day {20 June 2012}

I can not believe that it is 2 months since my last life has changed, in the last 2 weeks at least.  I am now back at work 3 days a week and have been back for 7 days already.

The work life balance is tough.  I feel guilty when at work for not being with our girls, but when at home I feel guilty that I am not at work.  My job is not the sort where I could work easily from home - I manage people: check work, find out detailed information from various sources, attend l-o-o-o-n-g meetings in stuffy meeting rooms with clients and team members.  It is rare that I could predict my day.  Yup, I am an architect - the sort that designs buildings.  Except that I am more often than not involved in the technical side of it....the bit that you often don't see as a visitor to a pretty building.

Anyhooo, back to my yesterday.  It was a work day.  So, midnight to midnight....

I was in the land of nod until Chloe and Ava woke at 5:30am.  We went and brought them to bed with us, until my alarm went off at 5:45am.

I dragged myself out of bed and went for a quick shower.  Chloe was wide awake, so I locked her in the bathroom with me while I showered and got dressed (with all sorts of things being chucked into the bath for the duration!).  I had to turn the bathroom stools (we have 2 - a Chloe sized one and an Ava sized one) upside down, otherwise Chloe climbs on to the toilet, the laundry basket, up to the basin, on to the bath...she is an accomplished climber!

Flower Daddy and Ava were back asleep, so I dressed Chloe and prepared my bag for the day (latte in this awesome travel mug - seriously worth every penny for its anti-leak and keeping warm/hot properties -  and fruit)

Took a latte to Flower Daddy and tried to get the 2 of them to wake up.  Ava was totally zonked.  Flower Daddy managed to dress her in her half awake state.

With Flower Daddy's help, us 3 girls are in the car and (not so) ready for the day.  Ava still zoned out and in la la land...poor tired little girl.  Chloe very busy removing her shoes and jabbering away.  I could do with some of her early morning va-va-voom.

After struggling to find a parking and then carrying Chloe (all 10.1kg's of her) in 1 arm, holding Ava's hand with my free hand, back pack on my back...we are finally at nursery.  I give the girls a cuddle, hugs and kisses - with tears in my eyes, like every other day when I drop them off.  For the first time since starting nursery, Chloe is happy enough to be passed over to her key worker, which makes me feel a teensy bit better.  Not much though.  Ava is distracted by the commotion of children arriving and wanders off to see what is happening.

I hot foot it to the train station.  My train is at 7:34am.  I know that if I leave any later or walk too slowly that I will miss my train!  If I miss this train, the next train would make me 15 minutes late for work.  I hate being late for anything.

I am on the train and miraculously have a seat today - yay!  I twiddle with my iPad sketching out an idea for a new tea towel doubt with various random strangers peering over my shoulder...annoying...  

We arrive at London Euston.  Together with the rest of the commuter lemmings, I head towards the barriers and the station exit.  This must be the absolute worst part of the whole commuter experience for me - the hoards of people and their bags pushing and jiggling in my personal space.  I Need my personal space.  Once through the barriers and breathing in the fresh air outside of the station, I walk the 20minutes to work.  It is a lovely sunny day.  I even left my coat at home today.

I am finally at work.  I switch my machine on, swap shoes, get my coffee out and settle down to get started on the day.  (My work day officially starts at 8:30am)

We have a team meeting - we have an intermediate deadline for the end of the week.  From here on out, I am in and out of meetings and drawing progress reviews with various team members.

I have just left a consultant meeting which lasted 2.5hrs.  Everyone knows that I leave work at 4:30pm so I have a queue building up by my desk for drawing reviews (I make it sound worse that it was a 3 people queue!).  I need to review the plans for the project before I leave work, so that I am comfortable that the deadline for the end of the week will go smoothly (there will be others in control while I am not in the office, but I like to know what is going on!).  I end up walking out the door late.

I am late.  I am worried about fetching the girls late.  If I were able to run the 20mins to Euston, I would.  Instead, I walk as fast as my little size 6 feet - and all the other pedestrians - will allow me.

I just make the 5:34pm train!  Nursery closes at 6:30pm.  If we are late collecting, we get charged a crazy amount of money.  Something like £10 for every 10mins we are late for every staff member on duty.  Plus if we are too late, they call child services in!!  We certainly don't want that to happen.  Besides that, the girls need to go to bed at 7pm....

I am on home turf and walking up to nursery.  Fortunately the train was on time and not delayed.  The girls are tired, as am I.

We are finally home.  Ava had a tantrum on the way to the car.  No doubt caused by being tired.  Chloe fell asleep in the car.  I had to wake her when we arrived home.  Ava didn't want to get out of the car.  We arrived home half an hour later than usual and all hell has broken loose.  There is no hot water, so the girls get a flannel wash and are finally in their jammies.

I give the girls something to drink and some cheese to snack on.  Chloe is in complete crazy child mode.  She is tired and is going nuts - bouncing all over the place, biting me and throwing things.  I take her to bed.  Ava watches a little TV while I sort Chloe out.

I take Ava upstairs to bed, she is so tired that we don't even brush her teeth.  I find the shortest story possible, which takes all of a minute to read.  Tuck her in.  She is pretty much asleep already.

Flower Daddy arrives home.  Ava is already asleep so she misses cuddles from her daddy.

After getting the kitchen a little tidier - well, at least tidy enough to make some dinner.  We are sitting with our supper and about to watch a I don't Know how She Does it - a movie.  It resonates in more ways than I can count.  Chloe wakes and I go tuck her back in.

Movie over....bed time!  Thank goodness for comfy beds, comfy pillows and a snuggly quilt made by my mom.

Monday, 18 June 2012

Let the Shop Swap Begin! {July 2012}

Oky doky then.  I have had a few positive messages about my Shop Swap suggestion last let's give it a go then!

There are so many shops out there that we wouldn't ordinarily buy from, for whatever reason.  I thought that swapping products with other shops might be a fun idea not only to see what is out there...but also as a little bit of self-promotion.  I am sure that I am not the only one who could do with a little help in that department?

So, if you own a shop, please sign up.  The idea is that you will choose some items from your shop to post to your partner.  It does not matter what your shop sells and you can be anywhere in the world.

Please, please, pretty please send something that you would enjoy receiving and don't use this as a way to get rid of old stock.

I think that it would be a good idea to have a guide (sales) value on your sent items.  I am thinking a guide of £15 (or 24 USD / 23 AUD / 200 ZAR) would be about right.  If you have any thoughts on that, please do let me know.  If you want to send more than this, please go ahead...this is not a strict guide - it's more of a polite suggestion.

Sign-ups close on 18 July 2012.  I am leaving sign-ups open for a month, as I want to have time to share some of the great shops who decide to join in the fun and excitement.

I will post the partner list on my blog on 20 July 2012.  So please diarise that and check back (or you could follow me ;) to keep updated more easily).  Please feel free to contact your partner and see if they have any preferences.  This is a friendly swap and if we can make a new friend or two along the way, wouldn't that just be a great result!?

Parcels should be posted by 27 July 2012 (a weeks preparation, as we all have busy lives to deal with!)

Sometime around the 27th I will post a blog link party message where you can share what you received in your surprise package.

Why not post this button on your blog or web page to show that you are playing along.  I would really appreciate the message being passed along - the more the merrier!

Two Little Flowers

Alrighty then...are you ready to sign-up??  If you are game, then please would you leave me some information in a comment:

* name/shop name:
* e-mail address:
* shop URL:
* country:
* what do you sell?
* general interests?
* crafts you don't 'do'?
* anything else you want to share?

Edited to say:
Louise and I are the only Swappers - so we are automatically partnered.

Sunday, 17 June 2012

Pin Cushion Swap {What I made}

I recently joined in with the fun Pin Cushion Swap over at Sew Far Sew Good and House of Pinheiro.  My partner was Rachel from At the Butterfly Ball.  Well, Rachel received her pin cushion from me this week, so I can now do my big Ta-dah and reveal what I made and sent her.

It is a little house pin cushion...

With a cute little birdie and windows...

...and a sweet little flowery vine (honeysuckle, I think)...those little stitches took ages...

With a little storage pouch on the back...with the opening on the bottom rather than the top.  Another boo boo on my part (am pretty good at boo boo's!).  The pouch will work just fine until Rachel tries to hang it up, then anything heavy will come a slip-sliding oooot.

Before you go thinking that I am just so smart and clever and talented (ja, like you were thinking that...I have to polish my own halo sometimes...), I used this tutorial as my basis, but stretched the height to something like 19cm, as I wanted some storage element to it...for scissors and marker pens and a little ruler maybe.

It was really hard for me to part with this little house.  I wanted to keep it all to myself and display it on a little hook or door knob somewhere.  I had so much fun choosing fabrics and deciding how it was all going to come together.  Will have to make at least one more...make that maybe a whole bunch more - one for each door knob in our house...

As a little something extra for Rachel - she has a whole handful of children - I also sent her one of my tea towels.  What with summer holidays here, I thought it might be nice as a quiet and not too messy activity for her kid-lettes to colour in and for her to get to use and enjoy her childrens art work.

Now...the suspense just kills me!  Rachel posted my pin cushion a few days ago.  It's going to take forever to get here.  Like, a whole week!

Saturday, 16 June 2012

To Shop Swap or not to Shop Swap?

What with all the swapping going on in blog land, I was thinking that a shop swap might be a nice idea.  The general idea being that if you have a shop - selling handmade or not handmade or supplies or whatever - then you can join in by agreeing to swap something from your shop with something from someone else's shop.  The sender does the choosing and the receiver gets a fun surprise.

I could try and sort partners out so that the recipient receives something appropriate - i.e.  they don't receive child related stuff if they have no children or sewing related stuff if they don't sew.  We could also put a suggested minimum (selling price) value on what is sent to try and even the playing field.

What do you think?  Would this interest you?

Fabric Stamping Update

This is just a quick follow up on Ava's butterfly t-shirt stamping effort.  The shirt has been washed...and stained some more at nursery...

The pictures aren't amazingly clear, but there was a little fading in the (40deg C) wash.  Not much, and certainly not enough to get upset about.  All in all, I am really pleased with the way the stamping worked.

Now, I need to have a little think about what I am going to stamp next.  Any ideas?  I would like something a little neater (read: no Ava help!) and something that I can wear or use.  I also have this idea stuck in my head that I want to give block carving a go - you know, the rubber block stuff by the likes of Speedball, not lino or wood. I need any other projects right now....

Thursday, 14 June 2012

A Homemade Gift for a New Baby

A friend recently had her 3rd baby.  A little boy.  He is a very lucky little man with 2 older sisters - at 8 and 5 years old, he is sure to be looked out for.

I couldn't bring myself to buy him a birthday gift.  Mostly because I like to 'make'.  But also because I know that no one else will have given the same thing if I give him something hand made.

So, I bought two 3-6mth sized white body suits and embellished them with spot creatures.  Coloured body suits would have been more fun, but I couldn't find any at the time.  It was really easy...all I did was cut out 2 circles of Bondaweb and fuse them to my coloured fabric.  Then I cut out the circles and fused them to the body suits.  I sewed the circles on with a straight stitch on my sewing machine.

For the black lines I used a Crayola fabric marker pen.  Stupidly, I drew the lines on with a blue water soluble pen first.  I have had issues with soluble pens where once ironed the pen doesn't wash off, so I tried to remove most of the blue before ironing the black pen.  Stupid, silly me...of course the black pen would bleed with the water.  So...if you are going to give this a try - I would use an air of those that vanish by themselves.  Know the ones I mean?  Like this one?  Also, it is helpful to slip a sheet of sandpaper under your fabric to stop it from slipping around while you draw.

I am really hoping that the worst of the bleed will wash out.  Sorry little guy, I hate to give a sub-standard gift.   Here are the, um, fox (?) and the bee.

I also made a special co-ordinating pair of my baby hot pants for the little chappie.  This is the bum view, with the label nicely located so it isn't scratchy on is lovely soft skin.

As he is just about 1 month old, he should have some wear of these during our summer.  That is, if the weather ever heats up!

For his big sisters, they each have a circle skirt - made from two of the lovely soft Pat Bravo fabrics that I have in my shop.

I loved making all the goodies...fingers crossed that they all fit and are enjoyed...

Monday, 11 June 2012

Oh Crumpets! {Recipe}

Oh rats!  Oh crumpets!  Oh bother!  Oh nuts!  It sucks....I am back at work.  As of last week actually.  Just one day last week, what with bank holidays and all.

It's good to be back.  Kind of.  The upside is not being bugged 53,142 times during the day about everything and anything...from the ladybird on the window to the snot that needs wiping.  Being able to go to the loo with out an audience is a novelty.  Going to the loo with out worrying that one munch-kin might maim a dog, or fling herself off the couch/bean bag is quite nice too.  I am quite enjoying my lunch for one too.

Beeeg downsides along the lines of separation anxiety - for me (!) and the kid-lettes, especially Chloe; the hour long journey each way; the glum train faces; the ridiculous cost of my train journey.  I mean, for my 20 minutes of standing pleasure I have to cough up £5.90 each way!  Just totally nuts.  90p more than it was a year ago.  Forking over the bulk of my salary to pay someone else to look after the little flowers is probably the absolute biggest downside. is a crumpety recipe for you.  I like to make these at the weekend for breakfast.  Sometimes I halve the recipe, sometimes I make a full batch.  With the girls eating as much as they do at the minute, I made a full batch yesterday and every. single. last. one. was devoured.

These crumpets are what I would imagine American Pancakes are like - thick and fluffy.  Not the British crumpet, which I have only ever had bought from the shop...which were thick and rubbery and holey.

So, here is the recipe.....the full batch recipe....

Whisk together:
2 cups of flour
3 1/2 tsp baking powder
1 tsp salt
2 tbsp sugar
2 eggs
1 3/4 cup milk (approx 440ml)
1/4 cup melted margarine (approx 60ml)

I pour my whisked mixture into a big measuring jug so that I can then just pour the mixture into the frying pan.  Otherwise, a soup ladle works pretty darn well too.

The mixture has the consistency of a thick-ish cream.  For some reason my batter is sometimes runnier than other times.  If the crumpets are looking a bit thin, I add a little more flour.

Pour some batter on to your hot frying pan or griddle.  Wait for the bubbles and flip it over until both sides are golden brown.

Keep them warm wrapped up in a pretty tea towel.

Get creative with your shapes!

Our favourite toppings are syrup or marmite (YUM!).  What are your favourite crumpet toppings?

Friday, 8 June 2012

Stamping on Fabric {Butterfly T-Shirt)

I have been wanting to try stamping on fabric for a little while now.  I quite like to funky-up {read stuff up} Ava's nursery t-shirts...making them fun for her to wear...knowing that I attacked them with much love so that she is covered with my love all day long.  Anyhow, I eventually bought some fabric stamp pads and first tried them on this bag-lette.

Well, today Ava helped me stamp on a -not so- white (and rather wrinkled) nursery t-shirt.  It is a messy job and has her little finger prints all over it.  But, she loves it and is sleeping in it tonight.

I did the orange butterflies and the most of the darker pink ones...the rest is all her doing.

We used Versa Craft stamps in Cherry Pink and Tangerine.  Yes, I know that my stamp lids are all wrong and that the blue lid is on the pink stamp.   The stamps were little butterfly rubbers.  Is that wrong?  Should I rather say "erasers"?

We slid a piece of paper inside the shirt, just in case the ink bled through.  It didn't.  And went wild stamping.  I tried to get Ava to coat the butterfly nicely in ink, but that didn't happen!  A nicely coated stamp gives a lovely bright and bold colour.  A less coated stamp gives a faded print.  Both are lovely and it gives some nice texture to the colours.

The controller in me could only take so much mucky printing, so we only stamped one side of the t-shirt.  Besides, it takes time for the ink to dry and 'we' were getting impatient to wear the shirt.

Once the ink is dry, you will need to iron the fabric to set the ink.  I would highly recommend using a piece of scrap fabric between your hot iron and your art save your iron from turning orangey-pink, like mine did!  Saying that, the colours didn't seem to stick for long and wiped off easily on to my scrap fabric - once I had decided that was the better way to go...

One little person was very happy to put a warmly ironed t-shirt on.

My photo allowance expired after one photo, so this one is blurry...sorry.  'We' are pointing to our favourite butterfly.

See the parcel over Ava's shoulder?  That is a brown paper bag stamped with blue and green hearts and dots.  The colours are lovely and vibrant, just like on the t-shirt.

When this shirt has been washed I will update this post with a picture to show how well the ink washes.  I haven't washed this ink before, so am very interested to see how well it holds.

Not being able to leave anything alone, I might just get the laundry marker pen out and draw feelers on to some of the butterflies...

Edited:  Have a looky here for the update

Monday, 4 June 2012

Jubilee Sale!

If you fancy a bit of a Jubilee treat for your little will find that everything in my Etsy shop is on sale!  The sale ends on Sunday 10 June.

If there is something that you like in my TLF shop and you would like to grab it at the same 20% discounted price, let me know and I will sort it out for you.

Happy shopping!

Saturday, 2 June 2012

Crochet a Sunny Pin Cushion {Tutorial}

This tutorial was part of the Sew Far Sew Good and House of Pinheiro Pin Cushion Swap and was originally posted here and here.  You can also read a very short blurb about me over there!  Isn't it horrible trying to introduce yourself to complete strangers?  Trying to convey your essence and what makes you tick in a few sentences...

Anyhow, over to the pin cushion.  I figure you need something to keep your fingers busy this you probably don't have enough other stuff to be busy with...

Ok, so this isn't really all that tricky, and is easy enough to do while being bugged by amusing a baby and small person...i.e. not much concentration is required! But, maybe you are like me - and Like Instructions for Anything and Everything? Well, then it is your lucky lucky day!

I am using UK crochet terms and my abbreviations are:
sl st = slip stitch
ch = chain
dc = double crochet
tr = treble crochet

All the supplies I used were bits that I had already.  The yarn is Rico Creative Cotton Aran.  Colours I used are: Fuschia (13), Tangerine (76), Orange (74), Natural (60), Pistachio (41).  The colours in this yarn are so very bold and pretty - but it can be a real pain in the butt to crochet with as it is very splitty.  The label says to use a 4-5mm hook, I used a 3.5mm to make the stitches a little tighter, to minimise the gaps.

This pattern is my own and you are welcome to do what you like with it.  A little nod of recognition in my direction would be much appreciated.

Righty-oh...let's get on with this busy-ness...

Start with crocheting 4 chain stitches.  sl st into the 1st chain to form a loop.
ch-3, then tr-11 {it will make life so much easier if you weave your tail in as you crochet}.
You are aiming for 12 spokes in your circle.

{You are correct...that IS a chopping board as the backdrop!  Well spotted!}

sl st into the 3rd ch of your 1st ch-3.

Fasten off.
If you wove your tail end in as you did your trebles, then pull that end snug (so it is nicely hidden inside the stitches and not pulling the circle tight) and snip it off.

Join your 2nd colour into your 12 spoke circle.

In this round your are working into the spoke gaps rather than the wheel stitches.  {I like to make a slip knot and pull that through and go straight into my first set of chain stitches.  But, you do what you prefer}

ch-3, then tr-1 into the same space as your chain.  Again, weave your tail as you go.
tr-2 into each space.
You are aiming for 12x tr-2 clusters around your circle.
sl st into the 3rd ch of your 1st ch-3.

Fasten off.  Snip your tail end as before.

Join your 3rd colour into your circle.  Again, we are working into the cluster gaps in this round.
ch-3, then tr-2 into the same space as your chain.  Weaving your tail as you go.
tr-3 into each space.
You are aiming for 12x tr-3 clusters around your circle.
sl st into the 3rd ch of your 1st ch-3.

Fasten off.  Snip your tail end as before.

Join your 4th colour into your circle, in any cluster gap.
ch-3, then all still into the same space tr-2, ch-2, tr-3.  You have a corner!
tr-3 into each of the next 2 spaces.
Making another corner: tr-3, ch-2, tr-3 into the next space.
tr-3 into each of the next 2 spaces.
Continue until your have made your square.
sl st into the 3rd ch of your 1st ch-3.  Don't cut your thread!

For the next round we work in the cluster gaps and cluster stitches.

ch-3 - this stitch is acting as a tr-1 into the cluster space.

tr into the next 2 stitches.

All into the cluster corner space: tr-3, ch-2, tr-3.
tr into the next 2 stitches.
tr into the cluster space.
Continue in this way until your have made your square.
sl st into the 3rd ch of your 1st ch-3.
Fasten off.

One side done!  Make another of the same or different - depending on how funky nuts your mood is.

Now that you know how big your pillowcase is you can make a little cushion.  I made mine of white wool mix felt and filled it with rice.  Make sure that whatever fabric you use is pretty behind your pillowcase.  You will see it through the gaps.  You could use a contrasting colour - play with your supplies until you are happy with your choice.

So, measure the size of your crochet square.  Mine was 10cm (4").  I cut out 2x 11cm (4.3") squares.

With the fabric wrong sides together, sew around 3 edges with a narrow seam.  You are aiming for your cushion to be a smidge smaller than your pillowcase.  Snip the 2 sewn corners and turn the cushion right side out.  Fill your cushion with your filling of choice.  I chose rice (at my mothers suggestion - thanks Mum!) because I wanted something a bit heavier than toy stuffing.  I like the idea of emery sand a lot, but a bit of googling resulted in only USA finds...and I wasn't prepared to pay the nutty postage prices.  Rice was in the cupboard, so it was used!

I wanted a nice plump pincushion, so filled my cushion until there were 2 fingers of empty fabric left.  As I didn't feel like fighting with escapee rice and my sewing machine, I just did a small running hand-stitch across the opening to close it all up...checking that rice could not escape my stitches...

Back to the hook and yarn.  Place your 2 squares wrong sides together, so that the corners line up.  We are going to dc the 2 squares together.  I used a contrasting green against the cream for a bit of extra colour pop.  When joining, only hook through the back loops.  This adds a little ridged detail line between your square and the dc edging.

On your squares, at your corners, you have a corner space.  These corner spaces are made of 2 chain stitches.  When you are doing your joining, dc-2 into each of these chain stitches.

So...Hook through both squares into the 1st corner chain stitch to join in your yarn. {I used my slip knot method here again}

ch-1 (only 1 of your dc-2 here, we will add the 2nd one at the end)

Into your next corner chain dc-2

dc into all the stitches until you get to the next lot of corner chain stitches.
dc-2 into the 2x corner chain stitches

Continue until 3 sides are joined together.

Wriggle your cushion into the pillowcase, making sure that all the corners are nicely filled.  Tuck your cushion down so that you can close up the opening.

Continue with your dc until your reach your starting chain.

dc into this same stitch and then sl st into your starting chain.
Fasten off and weave in any remaining loose ends.

Go banana's pushing your pins into your new pin cushion.  {you have been spared my boring yellow-ball pin heads}  
....oooooh, so pretty and sunflowery in the lovely bright sunshine....Or, make a bunch more for juggling or for your kids to steal....I have to hide mine from Chloe...I am not sure if it is the weight or bright colours or texture that attract her to it, but she likes it a who-o-o-o-le bunch!!

Rats!  This whole pincushion-y business is addictive.  My brain is rattling away with more pincushion-y goodness...crochet top, fabric bottom - hmmm....pretty :: crochet doily stitched to pretty fabric cushion....oooooh :: scrappy crochet stripes with pretty hand embroidered something....oh dear...