Friday, 22 June 2012

What is it about Fuschia?

When I was about 15 years old my mother had this cerise pink shirt mini-dress - she used to wear it over jeans.  She loved it.  For some reason I hated it.  I really don't know why.  I remember her wearing it this once when she fetched me from a friend and I told her it was embarrassing when she wore that shirt.  We both remember this incident...  My mom was probably only about 40 years old at the time, so not at all old - and definitely not mutton dressed as lamb, as they say.  And she probably looked just lovely.  To everyone, except me.

Anyhow - it was cerise, rather the fashion of the time.  We were all wearing fluorescent clothes and loving it. 

More recently, very recently actually, I am completely drawn to fuschia.  Maybe it is my need for colour.  Maybe it is partly rebellion against icky black work clothes.  Maybe the whole world is going nuts about fuschia and I missed the memo.  Who knows.  I just love fuschia!  I recently bought a new dress for work - fuschia of course.  While my baby-belly-bulge is not at all flattered by this dress...I kind of look pregnant when I wear it...I adore it.  It is really short, so I wear mine with white cropped leggings.  I feel good in it.  I love the colour, I love that it is comfy, and I love, love, love the pockets!

I went on a little Etsy surf for fuschia goodies to share.  If my bank card were agreeable, I would buy all of these things at a moments notice.

TGIF - have a fantastic weekend and if another memo has been circulated about the next hot colour...please would someone let me know!

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