Monday, 11 June 2012

Oh Crumpets! {Recipe}

Oh rats!  Oh crumpets!  Oh bother!  Oh nuts!  It sucks....I am back at work.  As of last week actually.  Just one day last week, what with bank holidays and all.

It's good to be back.  Kind of.  The upside is not being bugged 53,142 times during the day about everything and anything...from the ladybird on the window to the snot that needs wiping.  Being able to go to the loo with out an audience is a novelty.  Going to the loo with out worrying that one munch-kin might maim a dog, or fling herself off the couch/bean bag is quite nice too.  I am quite enjoying my lunch for one too.

Beeeg downsides along the lines of separation anxiety - for me (!) and the kid-lettes, especially Chloe; the hour long journey each way; the glum train faces; the ridiculous cost of my train journey.  I mean, for my 20 minutes of standing pleasure I have to cough up £5.90 each way!  Just totally nuts.  90p more than it was a year ago.  Forking over the bulk of my salary to pay someone else to look after the little flowers is probably the absolute biggest downside. is a crumpety recipe for you.  I like to make these at the weekend for breakfast.  Sometimes I halve the recipe, sometimes I make a full batch.  With the girls eating as much as they do at the minute, I made a full batch yesterday and every. single. last. one. was devoured.

These crumpets are what I would imagine American Pancakes are like - thick and fluffy.  Not the British crumpet, which I have only ever had bought from the shop...which were thick and rubbery and holey.

So, here is the recipe.....the full batch recipe....

Whisk together:
2 cups of flour
3 1/2 tsp baking powder
1 tsp salt
2 tbsp sugar
2 eggs
1 3/4 cup milk (approx 440ml)
1/4 cup melted margarine (approx 60ml)

I pour my whisked mixture into a big measuring jug so that I can then just pour the mixture into the frying pan.  Otherwise, a soup ladle works pretty darn well too.

The mixture has the consistency of a thick-ish cream.  For some reason my batter is sometimes runnier than other times.  If the crumpets are looking a bit thin, I add a little more flour.

Pour some batter on to your hot frying pan or griddle.  Wait for the bubbles and flip it over until both sides are golden brown.

Keep them warm wrapped up in a pretty tea towel.

Get creative with your shapes!

Our favourite toppings are syrup or marmite (YUM!).  What are your favourite crumpet toppings?


Attic24 said...

I make these a lot for Little people, we call them Scotch pancakes...favourite topping is butter and strawberry jam..mmmmmmm! Never tried marmite (which I adore) must make some soon and give it a whirl xxxxxxxxxxxx

Keri said...

Hi Lucy, thanks for the Scotch pancake info. I did not know that! We will have to give strawberry jam a try, I have a ginormous jar of the stuff in the fridge...homemade about 3 years ago. We are taking ages too eat it, so another use for it is great news.