Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Childrens Reward Chart

We have tried Ava on a chore chart before.  It was a very simple hand drawn thing, not pretty but it did its job.

In an effort to getting back on a good, well behaved sort of track (i.e. making Flower Daddies life a little more tantrum free and easier on the mornings of my working days, in the getting dressed sort of department) I put a new one together on the computer.

Again, not beautiful - but clean and simple and neatly customisable (and not full of annoying commercialised characters).  Most importantly, it won't suck up all my printer ink in a single print!

I printed ours on to white paper and then stuck it up with pretty washi tape.  If you are feeling like you need a little bit of help in the small person department, please feel free to download a copy here.  {For some reason colour is missing from the download preview.  When you download it is should look like the picture above.}The colours are less pink, more orange - gender neutral I think?
Not sure how to fill it in?  Well, here is my suggestion:

Ava's responsibilities this week are:
* to get herself dressed in the morning {the picture says what she needs to put on - t-shirt, panties, pants, socks and shoes}
* to be kind and gentle to her little sister 
* to check and top up the dogs food and water in the morning and evening
* to not suck her fingers

We are using 1 of the many, many, many sheets of stickers that we happen to have in the house.  But, I have seen these cute ones here and another here.

She has to get 20 stickers to get her reward.  She chose to go to the park as her reward...crickey!  Makes me feel like I deprive her of park visits!!

Let's see what it looks like at the end of this coming Sunday...

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