Saturday, 20 October 2012

Robert - and Ava's rogue artwork

I finally dug Robert out from under a pile of other WiP's the other day - sewed him up - and last night stuffed and sewed him shut.

He was left on the dining room table, to remind me to find time today to photograph him so that I could list him in the shop....

..well, I was allowed a little lie-in this morning.  Which meant that Ava dug out her crayons and apparently with much excitement coloured Robot in.  Well, started to.  Until Flower Daddy realised what was going on and stopped her.

Robert has the makings of a pink heart on his chest.

...and rainbow stripes on his back...

Oh well, tonight I will stuff and sew another.  This one I will be leaving somewhere out of little fingers reach!  Tomorrow, hopefully, I will photograph him and list him in the shop.

When Chloe next sleeps I will pull out our nice fabric crayons and let Ava have a proper go at turning Robert into her own personal and very cuddly work of art.

Never a dull moment in this little house!

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