Friday, 19 October 2012

Just a about a week late

My intention for Kids Clothes Week Challenge was positive.  I wasn't 100% confident that I would find time  or energy for children's sewing related *stuff* every day...but, I was indeed hopeful!  High-hopes.  Very High Hopes.

Thursday: fabric arrived and was washed.  Inspired by those lovely fabrics, patterns were traced.  Friday: patterns were cut.

Saturday: fabric was cut.  {including my most favourite and very well worn maternity jeans - 2 pregnancies and 2 post-pregnancies...holes everywhere and hems worn through}

Then the rest spilt into this past week....and all I have to show for it is this little dress finished today.  And, only finished today, because Chloe slept for 3 hours this afternoon!

Poor little munchkin - for the last 3 weeks Chloe has been drooling more than she can drink.  We are more or less back on track this week, but last week was tough.  On all of us.  With two proper nights sleep in parents were walking zombies.

The little pile of cut fabric is sitting on my sewing table - soon to be leggings, long sleeved t-shirt and little knit skirt - all for Ava.  All patterns from the Autumn Ottobre.  Maybe tomorrow....

My burning question is when did Ava grow so tall?!  Last time I made her clothes she was a size she is 102cm tall (according to size charts 4 year old's are 104cm tall, she is 3 1/2).  So to allow a decent amount of growing room, I am sewing 110cm clothes!! (which is the next size up from the 104 in the Ottobre patterns).

She is growing up so sweetly...but far too quickly...

In between mopping all the drool, changing clothing and comfort giving, I have been practising plaiting this very beautiful, short, fine and very, very silky soft blonde hair.  Ava has been insisting on plaits in her hair - day and night.  The plaits are kept together with the very best ever DIY fold over elastic hair bands.  No snagging and super kind on her silky soft locks.

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