Monday, 22 October 2012

Rose Petals and a Movie

I took the day off work today.

Flower Daddy has been so busy paving at the weekends that I have had zero to none in the 'me-time' department.

Me-time keeps me sane.  It stops my brain from becoming overwhelmed.  It helps curb my grumps.  Me-time can mean pretty much anything...whatever is causing my brain space to overflow.  Lately it is fabric designing, printing, ink colour choosing and sewing.

When the girls are around, I just can not design or print.  Designing, for me, requires some quiet brain space.  Ava and Chloe are noisey, chatty and demanding.  I love them and their noise to bits - but Oh Man, I need regular doses of quiet time.  Printing involves paint.  Paint + two little monsters with verrrry enquiring minds and who like to be involved in and touch everything = equals beeeg mess.

So, today, I had planned on mixing some new colours and printing my new petals design.  I also wanted to print my new poppies and dandelion designs - which I still haven't found time to do {hanging my head in shame} and I had also hoped to sew.  Mixing - check!  Printing petals - check!

I am a bit frustrated that the rest didn't happen.  But, Flower Daddy was lurking around and suggested going to the movies.  We haven't been to the movies since I was pregnant with Chloe - who is just about 18mths old..!  I said no thanks, but then felt guilty.  We don't get much time to ourselves.

Anyhooo, we watched Taken 2.  It was good and nice, just us two.

Oh!  And if you neeeeed to get your mitts on some of this gorgeous linen with rose coloured petals scattered all over....looky no further than here!  I am head over heels in love with this new design.  You can expect some sewn rose petaled goodness to be coming soon!!

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