Monday, 24 September 2012

Number Coins

Ava is really interested in numbers and letters right now.  She is getting pretty darn good at recognising letters too.  Numbers, not so much.  So, I made her these little wooden coins.

They were actually very easy to make.

I already had the coins and 5 colours of woodstain (suitable for being nibbled on / saliva proof).  So I simply brushed a few coats of the stain on with a soft brush.  I used an old dish towel as my working surface - I didn't fancy the wet coins sticking to paper or staining our nice table.

The stained coins were so pretty, I almost couldn't bring myself to write on them...

Anyhow, I let the coins dry for a few hours and then wrote on them with my white Posca marker.  The ink kept sinking into the coins, so I gave the writing a few coats - leaving each coat to dry for a little while first.  The white ink gradually built up.

There are 2 coins of each number.  On the 1 side I have written the number and on the other there are dots for her to count and figure out what the number says.  I should probably have done numbers 1-20, rather than 2 sets of 10...but how would I have fitted 20 dots on to the back!?

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