Sunday, 30 September 2012

Dear Chloe

Let me just start by saying how much I love you, how quiet and different life would be without you...I would be devastated if you were not here.

One day, I hope that you have your own children.  Not so that I can have grand children.  I am far to young to be wanting grand children, yet!  I would like for you to have your own child/ren, so that you can have a taste of your own medicine.  I am fairly certain that my mother felt the same about me.

Here is why I hope for grand that every day you can:

  • be whacked in the eye
  • cracked on the head with a very heavy little head - at least once a day
  • be awake by the latest....EVERY day
  • ...and be at the mercy of a fully wound child from the moment that her eyes open
  • be elbowed in the boob, regularly
  • mop water and milk off the floor every 5 minutes
  • be screamed/head butted/pushed and pulled at while food is prepared - you have a bit of a see-food-want-food-now issue
  • follow your child around - retrieving her from:
    • window sills
    • tables - including my sewing table!
    • standing on and tipping little chairs over
  • and stopping her from climbing into the bath full of water
  • mop up the flood when the dog water bowl is tipped over
  • rescue brushes, paper, clothing, hair clips... from the toilet
  • change the poopy nappy of a baby that does not want to lie down
  • clean the floor of food every single time your child eats
  • ....especially the cheerios and milk that are dumped on the floor when you have had enough
  • so that you can see what you are able to squeeze into that precious nap hour
  • polish those dents in the floor, from whatever is is that you have just thrown, so that Daddy doesn't see them and get cross
  • so that you can have a never-ending stream of teeny tiny clothes to wash and hang
  • stop your child from acting like superman off of the couch and bean bag
  • clean off food and drink that has been smeared into the couch
  • have your furniture used as a jungle gym
  • ...and have your protests and threats completely ignored
You are only just 16mths old, but - oh man! - you are the noisiest, most busy and active, destructive, messy and trouble causing little monster that I have ever experienced.  I thought that girls were supposed to be easy?

But then also, so that you have a little person to:
  • sew cute clothes for
  • hug and cuddle
  • give you wet little kisses
  • give pigtails to - that first pigtail is the cutest

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