Saturday, 22 September 2012

Robots on the Brain

Well, my sample finally arrived the other day!  I am so pleased with how they look.  I chose to print my fat quarter on their linen/cotton canvas.  They say that this particular fabric would be good for tea towels, amongst other things.  Well, they certainly are right.  It has a gorgeous weight to it and is lovely and firm with a dense weave.

I just have a teeny tiny dilemma now....will I use my piece to make something to sell...or something for us...or for a gift?  Whichever way I go - how the heck am I going to decide what to use it for!?  Pencil case - cushion - back pack - pillowcase - ???

What would you suggest I make and do with whatever I make?  Any and all suggestions would be gratefully received!

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