Saturday, 10 March 2012

This Week with Pictures

While Ava was at nursery, Chloe had a ride in Ava's car seat - so teeny tiny in that beeeeg seat!  She loved it in there, every time I looked at her I got a massive grin.


We had an outing to our local garden centre.  All I wanted was a Rosemary plant and Real, Proper spinach seeds.  Not the naff salad leaf spinach or the leathery chard leaves we get so easily in the shops here .

The centre has changed hands since we were last there.  Among some of the changes, they now have these enormous metal sculptures for sale.  The gorilla's price tag was something like £1500, my brain glazed over, so I can't remember the exact number - either way, it was a small price tag with a humungous number on it.

I love these garden gazebo bird cage things - just needs doors on it!  To keep the kids in or kids out, you ask?  Doesn't matter as long as it buys me some Peace and Quiet!!

These massive giraffes are just lovely.  The picture gives no idea of their scale...but, the smaller one was wayyyy taller than me.  The animals are hollow and made of metal disks all joined together loosely on their edges.  Rather lovely.  Will have to take a close up next time.

Ava loved the miniature pink table and chairs...

...and playing in and around all the garden furniture.  She doesn't normally get free wandering time when she is out with Chloe and I, so she was having a great time running around the plants and under planted arches - pointing and jumping and hiding from us.


I had some sewing time and made a start on a kitty (AKA teddy/dolly) sling from the Oliver and S book.


We took the pram for a walk and visited the Rose Garden in our little town.  It was a bit barren and twig looking, but there were loads of men digging and clearing and getting the garden ready for spring.  Lots of the roses were full of new leafy sprouts.  Exciting to think that in a few months it will be full of lovely flowers again.


We planted some seeds - Calendula, sunflowers and carrots (and spinach seeds in a pot outside).  The seeds are already sprouting!  [yup, that is a window sill sans wood plank - but then, we still don't have cornices or skirting boards or, or, or .....]


Last night we had a 1 1/2hr long baby screaming session, with some windy burps.  Finally finishing with a massive barf all over my shoulder, back, chair and floor - poor Flower Daddy had to clean it up off the floor.  Yeugh!  Was that the not yet visible first teeth talking?


Aside from the on-going disrupted nights and the the toddler rivalry that we are experiencing at the moment (I swear that it is making me greyer and wrinklier by the day!) it was a goooood week.  Some sunshine and warmer days with brighter mornings and lighter evenings; a gigantic and bright moon a few nights; a little bit of blanket crocheting progress and a teensy bit of sewing...

Have a good weekend.


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