Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Not So Fuzzy Felt

When I was a kid I had a few fuzzy felt kits - you know, the fuzzy boards that you put felt shapes on and created different pictures?  I remember ambulances, people, heads with faces and also just plain old shapes that you could do your own thing with.

From Olive Rose Vintage on Etsy ~ I had this one!

Anyhow, with that in mind, I thought that we could do something similar with foam shapes in the bath.  I started out with the thought that I would just cut out plain and simple shapes, but then got carried away and starting cutting cars, clouds, birds....

You really don't need very much - foam sheets and scissors.  I decided to draw on the foam, so also used permanent, water proof, non-toxic markers for roof tiles and birds eyes.  Then I just snipped away, adding a few lines and dots here and there.

I also ended up making 2 boys (just blue bodies instead of pink)

Ava had loads of fun with them on the floor after I was finished (or rather, when baby sister woke from her nap interrupting us).  'We' have also played with them in the bath every night since I made them a few days ago.  Not really making pictures out of them, but just pasting on the side of the bath and peeling them off...then pasting on me and peeling off...then pasting on little sister and peeling get the idea, I am sure.

I think that I might just make a few themed bags of foam shapes - themes like:
  • underwater - octopus, fish, bubbles, coral, boat
  • farm - tractor, lorry, trees, animals, scarecrow
  • town - I think that this might already the start of that one

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