Thursday, 22 March 2012

A Little Outing

A friend and I went off to the Spring Country Living Fair in London yesterday, with Chloe tagging along for a ride in our back pack.  I had been counting the Sleeps until our day out.  I obviously don't get out very much.  It was worth the anticipation!  I want More!

I took a few pics - there was So Very Much to See, and just no way to take photo's of everything that brought on the Wanties.

Beyond Fabrics: they had some fun geometric prints.  I had to peel myself away from their booth!  I have wayyyyy too much fabric already.  Having surfed their website, it seems that they design some of their own prints. 

Bill Brown bags: love the earthy stripes and teeny bags!! 

Bread and Jam: the retro prints were just gorgeous.
Hogben Pottery:  was sooooo tempting
So very Very tempting...all those chickens and birdies and dogs...
Indigo and Rose - such lovely countrified snuggly goodies

These blankets were so soft and I love that you can flip them over as your mood changes - stripes on one side birdies on the other...or...or....or!!

Luca Designs: love this tyre-horse-swing!

The New Eden: gotta confess that one of those bunnies came home with us!  Ava has decided that it is a boy bunny...the name, we are not quite clear on yet, but the not-so-word "buzzy" is in there somewhere.  Every time I ask what the bunnies name is, it changes a little.  Buzzy has taken up residence in the garden and is keeping watch.

I don't remember who this booth was, but the work in there was just amazing.  The 2nd hanging quilt from the right had a price tag of £725 on it.  It looked like silk with hand embroidery.  Just beautiful.

Miss Patisserie: these are not edible cupcakes!  They are fizzy bubble bath bombs.  Ava just had one in her bath tonight.  They smell delicious and we had a lot of fun catching the floating gold stars.

Peppe: Oooooh boy!  A Serious case of the wanties here!  I have been wanting a garden seat swing for years - ideally with an arbour over it...but I am not fussy, an A-frame will do just fine too!  I know exactly where it would park in our garden....sigh.....  This one is especially lovely - a 3 seater, so enough length to lie down if the opportunity arose.

But...I would take a 2 seater too.....

Chloe was as good as gold.  My friend generously helped carry her at bit - 10kg baby plus back pack weight is a bit sore on the back and shoulders after a while.

We were at the fair for about 4 hours which included a lunch break and a crawl break for Chloe.  {We just let her loose in a quiet corner!  You should have seen the exhibitors face - they had a bunch of pot plants all neatly lined up - guess who made a bee-line for them!!  Little rascal.  Thankfully no damage was done.}  It would have been nice to have had an extra hour or so.  My friend had to fetch her little girl from nursery at a set time, so there were some booths that we just whizzed past.  Either way, I don't think that we missed too much.

My brain was totally fried after the trip.  My eyeballs were overdosed on eye-candy.  My legs were aching.  My back was sore.  It was a lovely day.

Have you been to the CL fair?  Who was your favourite exhibitor?  What did you buy?  Share, share, share!!

.....Hmmm...I need to plan another outing like that...


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