Thursday, 11 August 2011

What to do with nappy boxes?

....other than recycling them in the rubbish bin....

When you have 2 little people, or even 1 for that matter, you go through a LOT of nappies.  We get our nappies from Costco, so they are in bulk quantities and boxed.  We seem to be getting a box for each little person (they're in different sized nappies) every 2 months or so...making for a lot of recycled boxes.

When Chloe arrived, Ava decided that her dolls rather enjoyed occupying the basinette when it wasn't being used by Chloe.  As I kept having to evict a doll to put the real baby in her own bed, we figured that Ava's dolls needed a bed of their own to share.  There was no way that we were going to pay £20 for a doll sized moses basket!!  This led to us making this little dolls bed out of a nappy box.

For the box all I did was:
Draw a freehand line on the box where I wanted to cut the sides
Match the sides at the top and bottom of the bed and use a ruler and craft knife to cut nice neat straight lines
Cut the sides of the bed with the craft knife - freehand - following the line I drew earlier
I added ribbon handles by making holes in the box, threading the ribbon through and knotting the ribbon

For the bedding all I did was:
With some left over batting and fleece I made a loose fitting mattress by simply wrapping the fleece around the batting and pressing it into the bed box

You could of course be clever by:
Adding feet with anything lying around - maybe little yoghurt pots
Painting/wallpapering/decoupaging the box
Sticking foam shapes or other embellishments on

I have another nappy box craft idea to share for another day....and I am sure that there will be more to come.

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