Friday, 12 August 2011

More nappy box crafting

All these soft toys needed a home.  Chloe has taken residence in Ava's old room, which has nice wall shelving and is where many of these guys have been living.  Ava's new room has no real storage just yet.  A temporary home for these chappies was needed.

{My mom made this gorgeous colourful ladybird quilt}

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Ava's cupboard has a floor board missing which is obviously a safety issue.  As hubby has not got around to sorting this out, I have been piling boxes of out grown clothes in there (another nappy box idea).  I shifted the boxes and drawers around to make space for the toys new home - the hole in the floor had been covered before this pic was taken.

2x nappy boxes - different sized boxes, so a bit of remodelling was called for. 

With my nice sharp craft knife, I cut the 1 box so that the 2 of them were the same width and depth.  I also sliced 2 of the flaps off of the top box so that it has doors.  Then I glued the 2 boxes together with some all purpose glue.

Then with a scrap of cardboard I made a button and sliced holes in it to thread ribbon through.  I also cut holes into the cupboard doors for the ribbon to pass through.

Nice and neat with the ribbon loop and button.

Ava surveying the toys new home.

When we get more boxes I plan to add another level to the toy you can see they are already spilling out of the boxes.

Now...the picture that I didn't get is the 1 where all the toys were yanked out of their tower and chucked back on to her bed!

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