Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Fabric covered peg magnets

I am sure that there are many tutorials out there that show how to make pegs pretty and magnetised, so no tutorial here....just pictures of those that I made in my limited me time today.  They are going to be bottled and tagged and will go in my Christmas gift drawer.  I might just keep a set for myself too.

I took Chloe for her 2nd set of vaccinations today.  I don't know if they are hurting her {1 in each leg - ouch}, but she is a bit whingy and clingy today - so I haven't had as much lovely free 'Wednesday' time today as I had hoped to.  I did manage to expose 3 screens in this mornings sunshine - so when I have time to use them and process the fabric, more goodies will be added to my shop.

Shop progress is frustratingly slow at the moment.  I exposed 5 screens in the weekend sunshine and not a single one of them was a success!  So, hubby is going to make me a stand to mount a light on, in the hope that my success rate will improve by using the artificial lighting method.  Lots of ideas rattling around in my head...sigh....

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