Friday, 5 August 2011

Birthday PJ's!

I am feeling really pleased with myself.  I pulled out some Speedball opaque fabric paint that I have had stashed for ages.  All the paints in this set have a slightly pearly appearance and are intended for darker coloured fabric.  I usually print on light colours, so this was the first time I have used the opaque paints.
What fun!
Pressed for time, I decided to make just 1 stencil and print it on to 2 pairs of pj t-shirts and 2 pairs of pj shorts - all from Primark.  I went simple and printed my text on to paper, cut it out with a craft knife, then taped it behind a blank silk screen and squeedged the blue paint on.  I could have done much the same with freezer paper, but it takes time to iron and peel x4...

I hope Daddy likes them.

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