Thursday, 7 July 2011

Crochet flower blanket

This is what made me obsessed with learning to crochet.  A few months ago I stumbled over this flower square design - see here for info from the Rose Hip blog.  I tried and tried and tried again to learn to crochet with book instructions and you tube....I kept giving up.  I needed someone in front of me to pester!  Anyhow, Mum arrived a week before our little Rose made her appearance (9 ruddy days late I tell you!!!), so we put that waiting time to good use.  {in labour, bouncing on a birthing ball in our lounge crocheting flowers - not so focused on the discomfort - a highly recommended form of distraction}

I'd like to make a blanket with these squares, but I fear that my attention span will die at the thought of the shear quantity of squares needed to make a decent sized blanket.  Mum suggested that we design or find a pattern for a bigger square (that would swallow 4 of these flower squares), about 15cm, to speed things along.  This pattern won't be a 3D flower pattern, maybe something simpler.  Mum has gone home now - too far away to enlist her in-person tutoring skills - so the pattern will have to be simple enough for me to figure out on my own.

So option 1 (from here):

Option 2 (from here)

Option 3 (from here)

Now...if only I were a decisive person....

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