Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Blazing Heat to Freezing Cold

Hello...hello!  Happy New Year - yes, yes, I know, 22 days late.  Better late than never....

Well, it was mad rush getting ready to leave our house for 5 weeks.  Remembering to pack the necessities, as well as Christmas presents and doing our best to leave the kitchen sink in the kitchen at home.  That was 7 weeks ago already!  We have been back for a little over a week now.

After a wonderful 5 week visit home, we left Cape Town on a gorgeously warm Thursday evening, arriving in London early on a relatively warm Friday morning, only to be plunged into below freezing temperatures on the weekend.  A few days later the chilly weather produced some snow for us.

Cold + wet + low grey skies = ick!

Freezing + cold + snow = YiPEE!


Walking to work on Monday morning was lovely.  I grinned for the whole 20min walk, even a grumpy old man moaning about the snow couldn't take my snow-happy-grin off my face.  I took these photo's around 8am, before the snow had been trampled to sludgy brown moosh.  The top picture is of Russell Square.  There are lots of paths in that park - this was the only path visible, the others were still completely covered in lovely fluffy, crunchy, fresh snow.

This one is Bloomsbury Square.  See the snowman?

...and the snow cat?

I love that some smarty pants used a bin for his hat!  He was a happy sight, bringing smiles to a lot of people...there were still some grumpy pants that couldn't crack a grin....

I won't share with you what that lovely snow man looked like by the end of the day.  Some kids obviously had a wonderful time slicing him into bits.  The cat too.

Our garden is still covered in white.  I am surprised to see white every time I look out the window... weird.

I am having a hard time keeping up with 2013, but I hope to share a few sunshiney pictures of our holiday soon.  Also, after travelling such a long distance with the girls, I have a few hints/tips/insights about travelling with young children to share.  All in good time...

In the meanwhile, how is your 2013 treating you?

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ButterandBuntings said...

Lovely to have you back. Ive been looking for posts from you! Hope your trip back home was lovely. Cant wait to see photos! Ive been watching alot of leon schuster to feel more south african! x