Sunday, 2 December 2012

Not Much, but Really, a Lot

There is a lot of crafty Christmas present stuff happening light at night.  All in preparation for our imminent Summer Holiday.  I get little to no time during the day to do much crafting.  Actually - the thought of sitting behind my sewing machine or with needle and thread and attempting to sew while Chloe (in particular) is around is enough to send me into melt-down!  Those little inquisitive, grabby fingers, that strong little climby body, those clumsy trippy feet - which result in many bumps, bruises and eina's....the hiding of scissors, pins, pens, WiPs and pretty much everything else in my sewing space...the resolving of sisterly disputes - WW3 in disguise!  The shouting - that would be me.  Far. too. much. shouting.

Actually, that pretty much sums up any time spent with us 3 girls...

Ava's artboard is full up.  She has 2 magnetic boards and both are overflowing.  I find it hard to throw away her masterpieces.  When the girls get bored of paper, pretty much anything else is game for the crayons and koki's.  That would be Chloe's influence.  It never occurred to Ava to draw on the floor, furniture, table, oven, windows until Chloe did!  At least they are washable.  But, for fear of me blowing a fuse, I have hidden them.

In between cleaning crayon off the floor, I have been trying to get the washing dry.  It has been pretty darn cold here.  There is a pile of ice outside that hasn't defrosted for 3 days.

Ralph the Elf is visiting from the North Pole.  He arrived yesterday.  I would imagine that his reports to HQ so far are pretty mixed...

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