Sunday, 2 September 2012

A Skirt for Me!

Looky what I finished this morning...

A skirt for me!  It is a deep pinky-purply-fuschia-y sort of colour, in stretchy corduroy.  The pattern is from the latest Ottobre Woman's magazine and is pattern #12 .  You can see their skirt on page 4.

I must say that I am rather pleased with myself.  Especially after unpicking the zip and seams numerous times - I think that I cut it a size or 2 too big!  Also - little people distractions are not the easiest thing to cope with while trying to concentrate on cutting and sewing.

I used my new fabric designs for the pockets, pocket facings and waist facings.  Am especially pleased with the way the pockets turned out!  The raspberry poppy print is on a scrap piece of natural loomstate denim - wish I could find more of this fabric...

I think that I will be wearing my new skirt to work this week!

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