Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Brighton Outing

On Sunday we took a day trip to Brighton.  My first time there.  We only arrived there just after mid-day, with a horribly slow 2 1/2hr drive to get there.  But the sky was blue and there was plenty of sunshine to was a bit windy, but that didn't stop our enjoyment.

Lots of steps to jump off of.

Yummy fish and chips (and not so nice mushy peas) to share for lunch.  With delicious soft serve afterwards.

Some 4x4 manoeuvring on the pebbly beach - far too difficult for this wobbly nut to walk on!  The pram was pretty much only used to carry the backpack!

If this building is the actual museum, I sure as nuts hope that admission is free!  Looky how small it is!

Searching for the perfect pebble takes a lot of concentration.

Sweet little purple feet.  I love that Chloe is now walking.

And finally...we arrived at the pier.  Not that the "amusements" were any attraction...


Enjoying the view and the *breeze* in her face.  It was so windy that we did not even make it to the end of the pier.

Back on the beach and swinging her bag full of pebbles around rather dangerously.

Sweet colourful huts.  Only one was open, with its occupants huddling inside away from the wind.  Ava's favourite was the purple one (of course!)...and Chloe kept trying to disappear between the huts...

After a long day, everyone was still happy.  Now off to find some supper and head on home.

It was a speedy trip home, about 1 1/2hrs, but we only arrived home at 10pm!  It was a loooong, but very enjoyable day watching the girls have fun.  

Now I just can't wait to take them to a proper sandy build sand castles with them.

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