Saturday, 18 August 2012

DIY Fabric Tape

Right, you know that I am on the hunt for small but effective gift ideas for Christmas this year.  Well.  This is the easiest, peasiest gift that you will ever make and is pretty economical too.  If you are like me, you will end up making a bunch more for yourself too.  Not so economical then!

Right, all you need is some fabric, some double sided sticky tape and a pair of scissors.

I used this Stix 2 tape.  For no particular reason other than that is what the shop had in the width that I wanted.  I figure that a 25mm width will allow me/who ever I gift some to to either use it at full width, or to make it go further by snipping the width in half, or thirds, if they so fancy.  The fabric that I used was given to me by a lovely lady, together with heaps and heaps of other fabric (some not so nice - icky slippery black sparkly lining; some useful - shed-loads of plain blue cotton; some gorgeous - like this left over and very old curtain)

Are you paying attention, because these are your instructions....blink and you will miss them...
Peel your tape off of the roll, keeping the backing paper on.  Stick your tape on to the back of your fabric in a nice straight and smooth line (make sure your fabric is nice and smooth as you go).  Snip off the tape when your have stuck as much as you want to 

Cut the fabric along the sides of your tape.  I used scissors, but you could use a rotary cutter.

Roll up your tape and tie a ribbon or string around it to keep it neat.

Job done!  Great for scrap booking, beautifying parcels and packaging, sticking pictures to the wall (ok maybe not such a hot idea considering this tape is permanent - can see Flower Daddy hyperventilating already).  You get the idea - use it for beautifying whatever you fancy perking up.Go and make a heap more...!!!


Taz said...

I absolutely love this idea and will also use it for lovely yet simple christmas gifts!

Keri said...

Glad you like it Taz. Am thinking that maybe 3 rolls of co-ordinating fabric tapes and a pretty note pad would make a lovely, simple and very useful gift...oooh! or just a few different tapes packaged prettily in a glass jar! That all very much depends on if I can part with any of them...