Friday, 6 July 2012

Pinterest or Evernote?

Do you use Pinterest?  Do you find it useful....a time waster...any or all of that stuff?

Flowers from Rose Hip
I don't know...I started using Evernote in February 2009 at Flower Daddies insistence that I give it a he said it was am-a-a-z-z-e-ing.  Well, I used it a little in 2009; a little more in 2010; then in 2011 went a bit nuts with it and haven't stopped since.  As I already have 606 notes (YIKES!) I couldn't really be bothered to take up Pinterest too.  That's not to say that I am not intrigued by it.  With Evernote....

*I like that I don't need to be connected to the internet to use it
*I like that it is easily portable
*I like that I can have gazillions of notebooks and tags and folders and still easily find things
*I like that I can see little thumbnails when searching for something
*I like that I can choose to share a notebook with whom ever I please - like a 'wishlist' for Flower Daddy to take hints from for presents...that is, if he would ever actually look at it!
*I like that it automatically saves the internet origin of my copy and paste (except when I just copy a picture...then I have to do it manually).

But, then again, I have zero clue how Pinterest functions, except when I land there via blog-land and just view and click on links.

I use Evernote a lot to save copies of tutorials and patterns - that I will one day hopefully get around to trying  - that I find online.  I use to just book mark them in my browser.  But after numerous computer deaths and losing all those saved book marks - or the source being removed from the web - I wanted a more permanent solution.  Evernote to the rescue!

A few highlights...

TGIF!  Have a good weekend and I wish lots of crafty-ness time for all of us.

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