Monday, 28 May 2012

Spoonflower Swirly Stripes Fabric

The fat quarter of my Swirly Stripes fabric arrived in the post today.  I am so totally pleased with it!

The background is a lovely greeny-blue (makes me think a bit of summery blue skies...but with a hint of green) and the swirls are more vibrant that fuschia pink.  The base fabric is a natural cotton colour - so a bit creamy-brown.

I ordered my print on the organic cotton knit.  It is so soft and, surprisingly to me, has pretty good recovery when stretched.  I am really, really pleased.

I will put it in the wash a bit later, hang it out and maybe tomorrow afternoon have a little play with it.  See what co-ordinating fabric I have...think about what I will make from it...and if I have the courage I will cut something from it.  Tomorrow.  Maybe.

Or.  Maybe, I will just cuddle it and gaze adoringly at it until I am completely bored with it.  And only then chop it up.

Right now, I sit here with a broken baby toe.  I will spare you a photo - my little toe is sticking out at a slightly odd angle.  [The NHS website says that you can treat your toe at home, unless it is at a 'severe' angle...hence I say 'slightly odd angle'!  I really don't want to go to A&E!]  Baby toe still under a cold pack; fabric strapping at the ready to bandage it to the next toe...once the Ibuprofen kicks in!

Tomorrow, I will hopefully have a Ta-Dah moment with Ava's complete memory coins.  Keep your eyes peeled.

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