Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Easy Cheesy Mielie Bread {Recipe} & A Little Outing

We went for a little walk around Harpenden at the weekend.  It isn't too far from home and we hadn't been there before.  It was a lovely outing, especially as the sun made an appearance.

 So much beautiful green space.

 Loads of flags and bunting flying in the breeze.

 A lovely Continental feel - awnings, colourful paintwork...

 A fun shop front display.

 More green space and bunting - Ava was quite beside herself with all the "flags" (bunting).

 Pavement jumping fun with Flower Daddy.

And yet more green space!  With humongous trees!

The garlicky aroma wafting in this vicinity was almost too much for us. 
Love those pretty terraced cottages.
Pretty leaf colours.

At the last minute before we left home I decided that we needed some yummy mielie bread.  To take with for all of us to snack on.  This 'bread' isn't really 'bread' - more like a savoury loaf or cake.  I make this for braai's...and we have a seriously big IOU outstanding with a certain friend - who I like to thank for help (moving fridges, assembling crazy heavy solid oak dining table, moving house, etc, etc, etc) by 'paying' with mielie bread.

A few pertinent South African-ism's...just in case you were confused about anything...
Mielie = corn
braai = bbq

I warn you, this bread is Seriously More-ish!!  I always make sure that we have at least one can of creamed sweetcorn in our cupboard.  When we need this bread, we NEED this bread.

If you are on food.com, you can also find the recipe here: http://www.food.com/recipe/easy-cheesy-mielie-bread-100512.  I have since made a few minor modifications.

Easy Cheesy Mielie Bread
480g self raising flour (or +/- 3tsp baking powder in 480g flour)
50ml sugar
30ml cooking oil
2 eggs
200ml milk
1 (410g) can cream-style sweet corn
100g strong cheese, grated (we like red leicester and a fair bit more than 100g!)
Grated or chopped onion
Chopped parsley (I don't always add this, but either dry or fresh will do)

* Mix flour, salt & sugar
* Beat oil, eggs & milk
* Add to the flour mixture
* Add the sweet corn, half the cheese and half the onion and half the parsley, mix and place in well greased circular pot, or loaf tin, or giant muffin tins
* Sprinkle remaining cheese, onion and parsley over
* Bake at 180°C for 45-60mins - until a skewer looks dry
* Spread with butter and enjoy

We can highly recommend a slathering of apricot jam on the warm bread!


Taz said...

This is pretty much the same as my dad used to make for us growing up, but we used Castle beer in it as well so we called it beer bread but added corn, cheese, onion! I love it, especially hot with lots of butter not margerine as my dad says! Im loving finding your south african recipes, i have some favourites too, if I make them I will post them on my blog!


Keri said...

Beer bread must be pretty awesome too...and it's gotta be Castle! We have a South African braai recipe book, must go see if there is a beer bread recipe in there! K