Sunday, 20 May 2012

Another Post About the Paeony

This is a little like waiting for paint to dry....the suspense is just about killing me...

It's been a week since I last posted paeony pictures and I have a sneaky idea that this might just become a regular until the paeony has been and gone - so, sorry in advance.

Something is finding the pretty pink petals a little too delicious.  "Pretty pink" really doesn't do the petal colour any justice.  The colour is deeper than fuschia pink.  Deep like maroon, only more pinky and brighter.  Better colour description anyone?

The bud is still tightly wadded...I am so looking foward to seeing how big and full and frilly this flower is.

I have been stalking our plants - checking all the paeonies (we have 5 baby paeony trees), checking the camellia trees (3 of those!), checking the rose bushes (2) - to see if there are any other flower buds tucked under a leaf somewhere.  The only other flower buds are on the new rose bush, and they are still so teeny, teeny tiny....won't be long until we see those gorgeous pink frilly flowers now!  That one is the Harlow Carr and is a 'Fragrant English Rose'...I only know this because I potted the label with the plant...

Have a fantasmatic Sunday!

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