Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Sneak Peak - new doll softie in progress

I was allowed some much appreciated time this weekend to do a little screen printing.  I have had a few new acetates ready to burn to my screens for far too long.  I managed to do a few at the end of last week.  But printing is MeSSy....and I need guaranteed child and baby free time to get stuck in.  I don't really fancy cleaning ink off of either of them....or cleaning where ever they spread the ink!  Or re-printing everything because they pulled at them, smudging the prints...or any other mischief they get up to while my hands are dirty.

So here is little miss Lucy all printed and drying.  She is an intelligent little girl who is a bit of a neatness nut, but loves colourful boots and buttons.

I need to get these all ironed and stitched together, which may take a little while...but, if you have a special need for one, please let me know and I will hop to it a little quicker.

I have also printed more of Hillary Hippo, which I ran out of a week or few ago.  So these will be in my shops soon too.  There is also a friendly crocodile and sausage dog waiting to be burned....watch this space!

It is sunny right now, rain is coming later today, so us girls are going out to enjoy some rather chilly sunshine.

Where ever you are......

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