Thursday, 5 April 2012

Daffodils and Pilfered Flowers

It's an icky wet and grey day here today.  We had HAIL last night!  Flower Daddy and I had our noses pressed up against the window, mesmerised.  Stupid, yes, but we are from South Africa and haven't seen hail like last night in a verrrry long time.  South African hail dents cars!  Last nights hail was a very weak little cousin, but still mesmerising.

Just as well I have some flowers on our kitchen windowsill to brighten the day.

These daffodils were a £1 Tesco pot and have grown from bare bulb to display these gorgeous mini daffs.

On a little walk the other day, Ava and I pilfered these pretty pink camellia's.  Can't wait for our little camellia trees to be in bloom.


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