Monday, 27 February 2012

Trainee Photographer

To distract Ava while taking photo's for my 2 new Spring Dresses today, I gave her my phone.  She is an expert photographer on that thing.  She probably knows how to use the ruddy thing better than me!  She even knows how to use pinchy fingers to zoom - she isn't even 3 yet...

This is my new photography spot, until I find somewhere else with better natural lighting...or spring/summer arrives with lovely sunshiny days - whichever happens first.  It is our Granny Room (others would call it a spare room), which is now also my Sewing Room.  My sewing space used to be in a corner in our lounge...which drove the daddy of the flowers rather nuts - me and my Mess.

This wall is a kind of greyish-blueish-greenish sort of colour.  Pretty.  But looks a bit bleugh in the pics as it isn't white.  It is the same wall that I have used behind my colouring in softies.

Anyhooo - the 1st of the two Spring Dresses are up on Etsy as well as my webshop.  More will hopefully follow next week.  And even more hopefully, they will have some pretty Patty Young knit fabrics included in them....I ordered some last week :).  My hands are ITCHING for them to arrive!!


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