Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Drywors and a Bargain

We popped out today to post a Very Important Parcel and to go to our local South African butchers.  The VIP had to be posted to my friend whose birthday is tomorrow.  She is having a lovely dinner tomorrow night, which we had planned on going to, having organised our very first baby sitter.  Typical that the baby sitter had to cancel yesterday because of a death in her family.  We don't have a back up plan.  So, as we can't deliver the VIP, I decided to post it instead.

At the butchers we bought some drywors - a spiced dried sausage - YUM.  Chloe approved of her first taster.  Ava ate half of mine then a load of Daddies when he arrived home.

Did you notice the plaster on Chloe's finger up there?  Ava caught Chloe's finger in the door this morning - so she has a huge skin flap on her little finger.  Peeled the top layer of skin right back...poor little chicken.  Daddy nearly passed out - ha!

At Hobby Craft this afternoon we found a £1 goody bag haul.  All these fun bits and bobs for £1!  The Pebeo tubes are relief outliners, not sure what I will do with those yet.  Am not even sure what surfaces they are intended for.  The paint is that fun Setacolor Soleil - in vermillion, cardinal red and buttercup.  I have been really tempted by these before now...we can look foward to the weather warming up to give them a go.  Then there are also a bunch of silk cushion covers.  No idea what those will be used for, but I can see loads of fun experimentation in the near future.

The ankle biters were worn out and passed out in the car.  They actually slept for a bit in the house too.  Great, except that Ava then decided that bed time was 9pm tonight, instead of 7pm.  She doesn't normally have a daytime nap anymore...

Have an excellent and special Leap Year Day tomorrow.


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