Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Crochet blanket update

A while back I rambled a bit about my first crochet project, well my blanket has grown a bit since then.  I laid it out on the floor to see how big it had grown....only to be disappointed about how small it still is!  [sorry about the sunshine]

The small flower squares are about 7.5cm square and the big ones are about 15cm square.  I have used 12 colours of wool, and have already run out of the cerise pink.  A lot of the other balls have dwindled to very little, so not much more square crocheting left - because when the wool is finished, the blanket will be the size it will be.

The blanket may well end up being an odd sort of shape, rather than rectangular.  I am not quite sure yet how all the squares will go together, but am quite liking the arrangement in this photo.

The flower square pattern is from here, and the big square pattern is from here.

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