Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Boring White Fleece...not any more!

Ava needs new jammies - she is becoming a little scrawny string bean and all her other winter jammies are starting to get too short for her.  I bought some cute flannel prints a few months back with the idea of using them for pants, but wasn't sure what I would use for tops.  Her other jammies (all bought) have lovely soft and snuggly fleecy pants and tops....which I didn't know if I would be able to find in fabric lengths.

Anyhow, cruising the net for some interlock, I discovered microfleece.  I thought - just maybe this might be the lovely soft stuff I need?!  I got some in white [there weren't many colours available] thinking that it might be dye-able.  Then off I went searching for some liquid RIT dye - not so common on this UK island - having seen various blogs where using the stuff seemed nice and easy and brainless.  Just what this fryed brain needs.  {Any UK people looking for the stuff?  Find it here and here.  I am sure that there are other places...these are just the 2 that I found.}

Only after I bought the fabric and dye did I wonder if it would dye acrylic fleece?  It does - yippitty yay!

I dyed a piece of cotton at the same time as the fleece - just to see how strong the colour would be on that.  As you can see - the fleece is a lot paler, but it is definitely not white.  Out of interest, the fabric was in the bowl of dye for 1.5 hours.

So I am super duper pleased that fleece is dye-able.

This microfleece is so soft and snuggly....I think I want to get more to make winter pj's for myself....

Now I just need to find time to sew up the jammie top.

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