Thursday, 28 March 2013

Almost 10 days - Whoops!

I've been a bit slack here lately.  Probably because I have become a little bit Instagram obsessed...much to Flower Daddies disgust.  But, there is just there!!!  Have you been on?  Who are your favourite people to follow?

Chloe has also been sick for almost 2 weeks.  Some kind of virus targeting little children - flu-like symptoms with an added bonus of crippling lethargy and exhaustion.  Poor little chicken.

Here are a few IG pics of what has been going on around here lately.

I made Ava 6 pairs of panties from this pattern.  She totally loves them...and her little buns look so cute in them!

We have been attempting to grow veggie seedlings from seed.  This picture shows radishes, spinach and beans.  We have also planted lettuce, tomato, courgette, cucumbers and mielies.  Unfortunately, the spinach seems to be pegging off...

I sent off my fabric swap panels - all 3 panels went west over the seas.

....and have received 1 panel in return so far.  Cute, right?

I made this pouch, which I will soon be selling as a pouch or cross-body bag or shoulder bag - your choice!

I finished this little ripple doll blanket.  Waaaaaay early, for Ava's 4th birthday next month.  I used leftover yarn from the human sized blanket...which is still very much an ongoing project!

I begged found time to print a few panels of white petals, which I am rather smitten with at the moment.  When the light is kind I will take a few photo's and get these panels listed in my shops.

And Today, we made these little rainbow crayons in a mini muffin tin.  Less than 144 crayons made 24 little rainbows of fun.  They are intended to be party favours at Ava's very first birthday party!

Have a fantastic Easter and long weekend.  Eat too much chocolate.  Get up late.  Wear pyjamas until lunch time and enjoy being surrounded by family...!

PS - you can find me on instagram at twolittleflowers :)

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Myriam Overton said...

hello, i have just found you on Etsy where I have just opened a shop, just to let you know that I love your style and creations.
Thank you :)
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