Saturday, 23 February 2013

Kids Slipper Socks {Tutorial}

I don't know about other children, but my girls feet do not grow according to the shop stock seasons.  You have no idea what I mean?!  Ok...I saw slipper socks in the shops a few months ago - but, I figured that they both had slippers and were sorted for warm feet for a while still.  Well, Chloe has just outgrown her slippers and I figured that I would replace them with those socks with little non-slip pads on the soles [what I call slipper socks].  You think anyone is stocking them now?  No!

It is still pretty much mid-winter here.  Feet still need to be kept warm for at least another 2 months.  But, oh no, the shops already have their spring stock in.  Which means, amongst other things, no slipper socks.

Every time I see slipper socks in the shops, I think that I really should be buying a few pairs.  Kids feet grow so darn quickly, that I never do buy in advance because I just don't know what size they will need when they do need them!  Stupid excuse really, but I am sticking with it.

A few years ago in desperation I brought out my fabric paint and drew all over the soles of a pair of Ava's socks.  Then a little while later, I made some slippers and did much the same.  The little feet never slipped and both washed really, really well.  The socks in the picture above have been really well worn by my two little flowers.

Back to my desperation...

An almost 2 year old who needs warm feet - who needs to run every where - slipping and sliding on our wooden floor and banging into things and hurting herself over and over does not a make a happy toddler or Mummy.  So, I went and bought some new socks for her and cracked open my fabric paints and once again have been painting the soles.

This is how I go about turning a pair of regular cotton socks into anti-skid traction foot wear....

Gather your socks, fabric paint - I have used volume and gloss with success - pen and some card.

I like to insert a piece of card into the sock, to make it easier to apply the paint.  to do this I draw an oval that is the same length as the sock and a guestimate foot width.  

This time around my card was a little on the narrow side. It makes it easier to apply the paint if the sole is stretched a little bit.

Trace a 2nd card insert.

Then apply your paint.  I like to match my paint colour to the sock.  So these pink spots were given gloss red spots.  When doing spots, I find that it helps to squeeze a teensy bit of paint out and rub it into the sock and then give a bit more on top of it.  I imagine that the paint is then attached into the fibres and will stay put better.

After doing a pair, I gently ease the card out of the painted sock and insert it into the next pair.

When painting, think about how your recipient walks and make sure you get the toes and heel covered too.  My spotty socks really don't have enough heel and toe coverage...if she still slips in them, I will go back and add more paint.

The socks then need to be left to dry.

The volume paint that I used needed ironing once it was dry, so that it puffed right up.  So, just do what ever your chosen product tells you to do to finish up....

You noticed that the flower power socks were missing?!  Well, they have already been worn and are on their way to the washing machine.  I couldn't very well let on how dirty our floor was today, now could I?

Happy smiley faces all around!

Now, all I need to know is how the heck to keep socks on a 2 year old?!


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