Saturday, 16 February 2013

Handprinted Fabric Swap III

Leslie, of Maze and Vale, warned me last week that signups for her third fabric swap would open on Monday....which lead to me stalking her blog.  Creepy, I know.  But I missed out on the second one by a day and I really didn't want to miss out this time around.  So when I saw that she would post again on Thursday with details about signups....I again stalked her!  

Long story short - I ammmmmm innnnnnnnnnnn - YIPPEEEEEEEE!

Now, I have to try and keep my pants on until 3rd March when I will find out who is in my swap group...

If you are even the teensy-ist bit interested in playing around with fabric printing - you should have a look at Leslies list of tutorials right here.

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