Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Sewing Non-Starter

It has not been the greatest week ever.  On Sunday, Chloe had a very croaky voice - which *hanging my head in shame* I found rather cute and amusing.  Since then, we have barely slept.  Cold + teeth = a very unhappy little Chloe.  Painkillers aren't helping and she doesn't want to eat anything except yoghurt....poor little sausage...  Plus, with all her drooling and spitting and sneezing - she has kindly shared her germs with me.

Tonight we have given in and she is snuggling next to Flower Daddy on the couch.  We desperately needed a break from the constant upstairs-downstairs business of the last 4 nights.  I never get to see her like this - all still and quiet and sleeping.  Normally I am chasing after her and plucking her off of whatever it is that she has decided to climb.

So - to say that I have not lifted a sewing related finger for KCWC would be an understatement.  The closest I have come to doing anything is to pull out the latest Ottobre magazine, pens and tracing paper....with lots of good intentions.  I am knackered and my nose is streaming.  That is my excuse and I am sticking to it!  I suppose that I should be tracing those patterns now instead of writing this?

I need those gorgeous fabrics from Ottobre to arrive to give me some va-va-voom!  Mushrooms and Little Red Riding Hood are needed!  Never mind the half made dress (for me) sitting on my sewing table waiting for my attention....

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