Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Shop Swap {What I Received}

Do you remember me rabbiting on about Shop Swapping a month or so ago...and probably more than a few times since...?  Well, Louise from Elsie May and Bertha and I paired up.  Ummm...mostly because she was the only sign-er up-er!  Never you mind.  The two of us have had a whole lot of fun and excitement with wrapping and sending and receiving our parcels!

So?  Would you like to see what goodies I received in my parcel?

Lots and lotsa pink knitted goodness!

Pretty, dusty pink, soft, knitted goodness.

There are 8 little facial cleansing pads and a super soft wash cloth.

...and they were all wrapped up inside this pretty little bag.

I do not knit - so these knitted lovelies are just perfect.  I am totally pleased with my swap goodies!!

Do yourself a favour and pop on over to Louise's shop and blog.

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