Sunday, 5 August 2012

House-y Drawing

Happy Birthday Flower Daddy!!  We are having a few friends over for our 'Annual Croquet' and a braai.  No mielie bread today, but there will be wors - yum-MMY!  And potato salad!  AND a chocolate fountain....excuse me....I need to go mop my drool off the floor....

We wrapped his present in a brown paper bag after I drew a simple little picture.

The car is a bit dodgy.  But, hey ho, the picture is just there to perk up the package...and hopefully make him smile.

I would have asked Ava to colour the picture in.  But, her idea of colouring in at the moment involves much dense use of a black koki.  Which means that any picture is completely obliterated.

Enjoy what is left of your weekend.


Taz said...

Enjoy your should throw a carrot salad in there too! Well we grew up eating it at our braais! Just grated carrot and tinned pineapple with the juice! Delish!

Keri said...

Taz, that sounds yummy. I have never made one of those, but have tasted it before. Will have to give it a go now that you have given me the 'recipe'. Thanks!