Thursday, 23 February 2012

Spring Dress Sneak Peak

With Ava at nursery on Wednesday I managed to get a bit of Spring Dress preparations underway.  It takes me a while to prepare the patterns and then choose fabric groups for each dress.  And the fabric choosing takes time for Each and Every dress, because Each and Every dress is unique.

I only had time to cut out 2 dresses - one is 2-3yr and the other in 3-4yr.  I hope to have these sewn and ready to photo at some point over the weekend to be ready for my shops early next week, so that I can do more dress preparation again next Wednesday.

All good things take time...and these are Sure to be Good!

The pics are taken with my are a bit fuzzy....

I really do need to get cracking with adding to my shops again - I plan to have lovely floppy brimmed hats, more dresses and maybe even some boys t's there by the time Spring has Sprung.  I also have a pile of dish towels that I am itching to screenprint with some pictures for colouring day!

It is a lovely early spring day here at home.  To be enjoyed, just in case it turns freezing again before March arrives.


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