Thursday, 13 October 2011

New Dresses in the Shops

Ok, so I know that there are other things waiting to be finished and posted for sale....but I have been carried away with these cute dresses that Ava adores.  The pink and green one neeeeaaaarly didn't make it to the shop.  It was hanging in our bedroom when she saw it and immediately claimed it: "Ava's new dress!!".  I had to whip it out of reach quick sticks.

The dress that Ava is wearing is a little shorter than the other dresses - more tunic length.

My mom made the sweet crochet heart, which has been stuck down with iron on adhesive as well as stitched on for extra security.  I plan on making more hearts as well as other motifs for embellishing these dresses. My aim is that each and every one will have something super special about it.

The dresses are made with the same love and care that I put into all of Ava and Chloe's clothes.  They are also unique, there will only ever be 1 like it, so you know that your little person is wearing something as special as they are.

You can find the dresses via Etsy or TLF shops.

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