Favourites Library

I used to have a little Amazon widget in my side bar...but that was just annoying.  To me probably more than anyone else.

So, to share all the books I love and other brilliantly nifty things that I have found - all in one nifty location - I have set up a little Amazon shop.  If you buy through the shop, I get a teensy tiny small (really!) percentage from the sale.  Maybe if you go nuts shopping, I might just be able to buy a coffee...who knows, but it would be appreciated!

Everything you see in the shop I/we own or have borrowed from the library or a friend.  There are books on sewing, crafting, baking and cooking (some South African ones too!) and crochet, as well as our favourite kids toys and activities.

Do you want to see??  Go check out Two Little Flowers Favourites here

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