About Me

Hiya, thank you for taking the time to visit me. My name is Keri - I have many titles, but the I guess that the 2 most important ones are 'Mom' {to Ava (3) and Chloe (1)} and 'wife' {to the Flower Daddy}.

Of course, the list could go on to include titles such as: daughter, chief dishwasher, housekeeper, architect, gardener, craft-nut, cook, designer, swing-pusher...

Two Little Flowers has grown out of my many hobbies and has developed into a business and an obsession. It is what I do when our 2 little girls are napping or keeping themselves occupied.

I have always loved to create :: from sewing to soap and candle making to crocheting to baking and everything in between and beyond. I have been sewing since forever. My parents gave me a sewing machine when I was 10 (it finally went to sewing machine heaven 25 years later!), but I had been using my mom's one for a while before this. Designing and printing fabrics seems a natural development - creating special fabrics for sewing special things.

In 'real life’ I am an architect, but, I have long dreamt of sharing my home crafted passion.  I guess that is what this blog is all about - crafting, home, life, family, gardening, DIY (ugh!...non-stop and ongoing DIY...), outings and anything else that I find time to share.

Little by little I am trying to add colour and joy and fearless expression to the world!
In my shop, you will find all sorts of different crazy creations.  Colouring in toys just one of them.  We are always so proud of our little peoples clever creations...why not make their creation something that they can keep and treasure.  Or give it to granny for a special Grannies Day present.  I am always adding to the selection in my shops - so please visit again soon.

I am always willing to discuss custom creations.  So if you have a request or query, please do get in touch. Thank you for visiting.

keri (at) twolittleflowers (dot) com